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How over weight are you…if you are at all?

August 31, 2008

  It seems to me that many people have a problem with their weight, whether it’s “I’m too fat” or vice versa, with the too fat opinion being predominate. So thought I’d give you all a tip: If you think you’re overweight, chances are you’re not. In the midst of my internet wanderings, I stumbled upon a helpful site: Among other interesting things to be found on this site is a BMI calculator (under ‘tools’). BMI stands for Body Mass Index and is used by the WHO and the NIH to define obesity. How does it work? Well, you enter your height and weight (I’d advise you to be truthful to yourself) and it will determine how healthy you are at your current weight. For instance, I’m 6′ 5″ and 165 lbs. According to this handy-dandy little gadget, my BMI is 19.3 which is in the “normal” category. Now I’m not saying that this is infallable. I’m just giving you a way to allay what insecurities you may have about your weight.

  So if you think you’re overweight, obese, or just plain fat (yes, there is a difference). Check before you do anything drastic (like become anorexic).




August 30, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I just want to say that, like Beldmort, I’m kinda out of shape as you’ll see in our upcoming vid. However, I’ve gotten a membership to a fitness center and will be training for the nationals also like my good friend Beldmort. I will also be practicing some new routines for the next time we make a vid. This new one is mostly kicking instruction and also, as a note, I did most of the narrating/commenting for the kicks shown, so if it’s hard to tell what I’m saying I appologize in advance. I’m still getting the hang of this instructional vid stuff, so hopefully the next one will be much more coherent and organized. so that’s just an update on my recent activities.

Dream on. Trick on.




August 18, 2008

  Hello, it’s been a freakin long time since my last post, but Yakri and Beveld made me (forced under pain of death) do a little vid with them,  I dont think Yakri has uploaded it yet…  But I haven’t trained for several months (as you’ll be able to see in the video)  but now i’ve started going to a gym, getting back to track and practicing my TKD, for the Nationals.  Which come up in like 5 months.  It’ll take me about another month to get back to my usual self and after that I’m gonna start getting better.  This whole post was just to fill you in a bit.  And once Yakri posts the vid, I’m gonna post one after I’ve killed off the extra fat and get back into it.  And it’ll be cool, I’m dying to show you guys some really cool stuff i haven’t even shown Yakri or Beveld yet (bwahahahahaha).