August 18, 2008

  Hello, it’s been a freakin long time since my last post, but Yakri and Beveld made me (forced under pain of death) do a little vid with them,  I dont think Yakri has uploaded it yet…  But I haven’t trained for several months (as you’ll be able to see in the video)  but now i’ve started going to a gym, getting back to track and practicing my TKD, for the Nationals.  Which come up in like 5 months.  It’ll take me about another month to get back to my usual self and after that I’m gonna start getting better.  This whole post was just to fill you in a bit.  And once Yakri posts the vid, I’m gonna post one after I’ve killed off the extra fat and get back into it.  And it’ll be cool, I’m dying to show you guys some really cool stuff i haven’t even shown Yakri or Beveld yet (bwahahahahaha).



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