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Q&A #2

April 30, 2008

Alright, this is where i take searches that people have used to get to our site from google (or other search engines) try and figure out what question they wanted answered, and then answer it.


Q:Can a strained muscle ever be as strong?
A:It depends on how badly strained they were, type 1 strains should heal completely, but it takes a very long time.

Q:How to get into tricking shape?
A:Weight lifting, its the best way really. read and for more in depth info than i can provide.

Q:Without protein shakes?
A:Working out, without protein shakes is quite fine, but it will hinder your progress because your muscles will not heal as quickly.

Q:Tricking conditioning routine?
A:You can find one for beginners here

Q:Do protein shakes help?
A:Yes, they help your muscles recover and rebuild more quickly after you work out, nothing more nothing less.

Q:Will protein shake help with sore muscle?

Q:Do protein shakes help you build more muscle?
A:Yes and no, they help your muscles rebuild after you work out, more quickly. So that you can work out again sooner without being fatigued. They don’t directly add to muscle like Steroids do, but they do help you build muscle in the end.

Q:Grow more fast twitch muscle?
A:Can’t be done, you can make what fast twitch muscle you have stronger, but that’s it.

Q:yakri (some one searched for my name and got this blog)
A:O.O do i have a stalker?

Q:a lot of fast reps for strength?
A:*Darth Vader* NOOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO. Seriously, you need a small number of slow reps, with large weights, if you want to build strength.

Q:what type of exercise is well suited for tricking?
A:Weight training. With barbells, not those stupid weight lifting machines, they don’t really work.

Q:tall people have fast twitch muscles?
A:No more than short people do.

Q:a glass of milk before working out?
A:Try after working out, drinking one before working out is the opposite of helpful. however, if you drink organic milk, and its only one glass, and its after a work out, it would be beneficial.

Q:Tricking exercises?
A:Squats are the best exercise for tricking, pull ups are also awesome, and so are bench presses.

Q:Exercises to increase pushup number fast?
A:Do a small number of push ups, like 5 (if your already doing a high number you can start higher((like 25)) and advance more quickly) and then do 2 more push ups the next day, if that’s too easy, do 3 more then next day. Drink a protein shake after every workout, and include ab and leg exercises.

Q:cartwheel tutorial?
A:My cartwheel tutorial kinda sucks actually, I’m going to have to redo that once my wrist is better.



A little Q&A

March 8, 2008

I took a look at a list of what people typed in the search engine of their choice to arrive at this site, and i noticed that a few if the things they searched for were either completely unrelated, or they were related but we didn’t have any information on the things they searched. Anyway, what this means is i grabbed a couple things, turned them into an FAQ and I’m going to try and answer them.

1) “how soon after mixing protein shake”

A)i can only assume this means “hows soon should you drink a protein shake after mixing it?”and the answer is…*drum roll*…..within 30 minutes.

2)good tricking workout

A) Apparently someone was looking for a good tricking workout routine, well there isn’t really one, you need to strength your legs and abbs for the most part. But the rest of your body needs training too. Anyway, what a good workout will be varies from person to person, for me, a good workout is 20-30 mins of push ups, leg lifts, squats, a few ankle exercises, a couple other things, and some after workout stretching.

3)muscle memory tutorial

a) Apparently this brought someone to tricking haze, well i could do a muscle memory tutorial, or i could like to this video(its the 6th one down) that taught me just about everything i know on the subject

4) what should you mix with protein shakes

a) Anything you like, i put in granola, banana, various other fruits, its fine to put in just about anything edible, excluding the obvious like soda or ice cream.

5) where do you go to practice tricking?

a) I practice tricking in my back yard, however, whenever you can learn in a gymnasium.

6) who jumps higher tall or short people

a)They both can jump the same height, however taller people can get there center of gravity farther off the ground, the result is if a 5ft tall person and a 6ft tall person jump three feet off the ground the six foot tall person might actually get their body five feet off the ground where as the 5ft tall person would get their body four feet off the ground. That’s it more or less, though I’m no expert on this.



How much do protein shakes help you ask?

March 1, 2008

A lot, that’s how much.

yesterday i went without my after workout protein shake, ‘someone’ turned on my blender with a spoon in it, and the glass portion exploded, and the blades were ruined, so i decided not to have one till i got a new blender, because the protein mix i have tastes vile unless you mix it with a bunch of other stuff.

Anyway, i did my normal workout, i thought since it wasn’t a really hard workout (just enough for strength training, only about 20-30 minutes) normally after this I’m never really sore, sometimes if I am really enthusiastic about it i get a little bit sore the day after, but not ever enough to stop me from exercising again the next day. But all those times i had a protein shake right afterwards, this time i didn’t, and man oh man am i sore today, i had a hard time just rolling out off bed, and even typing this is making my forearm and shoulder twinge, theres no way I’m working out today, time to rest.

Moral of the story? drink your protein shakes no matter what, even if you can’t make it taste good, it really makes a difference.