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Sit Ups, are they bad for you?

February 27, 2008

Well, depending on who you ask you would get different anwsers. But I personally think that depending on your physical condition you would want to choose between sit ups and crunches. If you don’t have a strong back and/or you have some kind of problem with your back, stay with crunches, they are EASIER on the back and still work enough in the long run. But, Sit ups are good for only rare occasions. I mean, crunches are much, much more easilily used. All in all I would personally stay with crunches. But here is some counter info for you people. . Sit ups, crunches, they both have their pluses depending on the person using them, but a large percentage of TKD and WSD MA practioners will tell you no to sit ups.



Food Busters I:Milk, Should you be drinking it?

February 27, 2008

Well, I’m pretty sure that most people think milk is really good for you, and in some ways, they would be right. However, if you are an aspiring tricker, or a serious athlete of any kind, you might want to avoid drinking too much of it. Milk is known to be an anti-performer, it’s hard for your body to digest it (particularly non-organic milk), and it can even temporarily stop intestinal function, naturally this is in large quantities like, for instance, 8 glasses a day. If you really much have your milk to survive, make sure you drink organic milk, and don’t drink it before a workout. Small amounts of organic milk CAN be very good for you, but it is still an anti-performer so it’ll slow you down if you drink it before tricking, working out, or any other sport.


EDIT: This information is a little out of date and un-informed. So take it with a grain of salt please. My opinion now, is drink only organic milk, and only after work outs. other then that, it’s fine, although I don’t like it myself. ^_^