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TrickingHaze Lives!

April 25, 2008

Like…Whoa, its like the reanimator all over again!

Crazy huh?

Well, turns out I’m not dead after all, though i was very busy, and manage to strain a muscle in my left leg(minor) and sprain my wrist(T_T) in the same week. Well anyway, i have once again decided to take chunks out of my day, where i should otherwise be doing boring and repetitive tasks to post at tricking haze again, I’ll go and inject the other authors as well, and attempt to get them to post again, once they stop drooling and trying to eat my brains.



Yo *peace sign*

February 27, 2008

Hey I’m Beveld.

I’m into martial arts and working out. I’ve been studying MA for a while so I’m happy to answer your questions about them. I also know a bit about psychology, mostly behavioral and addiction medicine. But I am NOT a doctor so please consider my responses as opinions only!



Hello people of the internet underworld.

February 27, 2008

I’m gonna be helping to write in this blog of ours co-authoring with several others. I am basically going to try help out any one interested in MA and fitness, also if they need to know anything about tricking.



Yo *waves*

February 27, 2008

Hello everyone, I’m Yakri, to you anyway! ^_^

Well, i wanted to start a blog that I’d be able to write in all the time, so i picked tricking, and things related to it, because it has inspired me to actually do something with my life, i hope you find this blog useful somewhere along the line, who ever you may be.