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Fitness progress vlog

October 28, 2009

New content on the way.

February 12, 2009

Well I’ve been out of it for months, but I’m going to be training again in the next week, and there is loop kicks coming up this summer. Not to mention a lot of other exciting stuff, so I’ll be blogging again pretty soon. Though I’m still going to only post every week or two.


Need something to kick you in the butt and get you going? Watch this.

December 2, 2008

Just do it.



Water VS Soda

October 27, 2008

Alright, in one corner, we’ve got water. The basic fluid people have been drinking since the dawn of time, only it’s a lot cleaner these days.

In the other corner, we have Soda. A much more recent contrivnce made up of sugar, water, and chemicals.

Unfortunately for humans in general, Soda has become extremely popular of late, and many people, espically kids. Drink more then one can(12oz) every day.

Now there are a lot of unhealthy side effects atributed to Soda, but I’m going to cover just one of them.

Soda is mostly sugar, as such it has a great deal of calories, which your body cannot absorb, because they come from the sugar additive HFCS. Consiquently, these calories go straight to fat, but how many calories are there? is it really that bad?

Well, we are going to compair Soda a Water.

12 oz of water contain 0 calories and will keep you for a while. Cold water will even burn some calories in your stomach.

12 oz of Soda contains around 180 calories (it varies) in pure sugar, pure fake sugar anyway. It will probably keep you hydrated for as long as water, but I could not find any references to that.

Now heres another thought to consider, To be healthy and stay hydrated all the time, you need to drink about a gallon of water a day, especially if you take part in any kind of sport.

1 Gallon of water has 0 calories, and if it is ice cold when you drink it, it will burn around 150 calories in your stomach. It will also keep you perfectly well hydrated during the course of the day.

1 Gallon of soda has 1800 calories, If it’s ice cold, I doubt it will really help much. Since all of the calories are from fake sugar, your body won’t be able to process them, and will turn them into fat instead. It should keep you hydrated, but you will feel tired due to hte calories you body can’t use and because the carbonation hampers your muscles ability to absorb oxygen.

Also according to this. that in a balanced 2,200 calorie diet 12 teaspoons of added sugar may be consumed, and a can of soda has 9-11. And if you are a short or skinny person, you should probably be eating even less added sugar then that. Or if you are an athlete or health geek like me!

So think about it next time you reach for a Soda, wouldn’t you be better off with a bottle of refreshing water instead?



What do teenagers think about processed food?

October 9, 2008

Someone asked what Teenagers thought about processed food, and this was my response.

I mostly dislike processed food, mainly because the extreme quantity of it makes it difficult to eat healthy.

I try to eat unprocessed food whenever I can, and have a healthy diet, because I am training for my favorite sport, tricking.

I think other teens at least need to know more about what is bad for you, and what isn’t. Thanks to the internet, the dark age of food awareness is ending, but it isn’t over yet.

I even started a blog with the goal of helping other people out as far as knowledge goes, in general areas of health and fitness, such as some professedly good foods which really aren’t. And how to get in shape stay in shape, and be healthy.

I really really like living healthy and being in good shape, mainly because I have experienced the other side of things, and I’d like to help other people who have decided they aren’t happy with the way they are living to learn to live healthy.

Also, I think the level of obesity in the USA the terrible, and that if awareness about foods and what kind of diets and exercise programs are actually helpful to you was raised, it would help reduce it.




August 30, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I just want to say that, like Beldmort, I’m kinda out of shape as you’ll see in our upcoming vid. However, I’ve gotten a membership to a fitness center and will be training for the nationals also like my good friend Beldmort. I will also be practicing some new routines for the next time we make a vid. This new one is mostly kicking instruction and also, as a note, I did most of the narrating/commenting for the kicks shown, so if it’s hard to tell what I’m saying I appologize in advance. I’m still getting the hang of this instructional vid stuff, so hopefully the next one will be much more coherent and organized. so that’s just an update on my recent activities.

Dream on. Trick on.




August 18, 2008

  Hello, it’s been a freakin long time since my last post, but Yakri and Beveld made me (forced under pain of death) do a little vid with them,  I dont think Yakri has uploaded it yet…  But I haven’t trained for several months (as you’ll be able to see in the video)  but now i’ve started going to a gym, getting back to track and practicing my TKD, for the Nationals.  Which come up in like 5 months.  It’ll take me about another month to get back to my usual self and after that I’m gonna start getting better.  This whole post was just to fill you in a bit.  And once Yakri posts the vid, I’m gonna post one after I’ve killed off the extra fat and get back into it.  And it’ll be cool, I’m dying to show you guys some really cool stuff i haven’t even shown Yakri or Beveld yet (bwahahahahaha).