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Just a note

June 26, 2008

Yakri, Beldmort, and I, have been makin’ some vids on kicks and a short fight scene that should be up in the next few days. Also, I just got these perfect pushup thingys and i highly reccomend them.



Help a good cause.

June 11, 2008

A fellow blogger Robotgrrl is building styrobots (her own version of bristle bots apparently :P), and selling them in an effort to raise money for the Stanford EPGY – AI summer program. Now, this is entirely unrelated to the content of my blog, but i found it while browsing through Programming and robotics related websites. Since theres never anything wrong with helping out a good cause, go to either her main page and make a donation, or go to and buy a Styrobot.

There really cute.



Why you should be drinking water.

June 5, 2008

Well, the reason you should be drinking water, rather then your favorite drink that isn’t water, is that water is better for you then any other drink.

Water has 0 Calories and in fact burns calories, Any liquid other then water that you drink will contain at least a few calories. Even if your in great shape, as a tricker you need to have as little weight on you as possible, because your going to have to throw whatever weight you have into the air. And, you need to get your calories from foods which contain other things you need a lot of, like protein.

Aside from that, the reason drinking fruit juice, for instance, will quench your thirst, is because it has water in it. So, what has more water in it then actual pure water? when your eating/drinking think of this, food+water=energy. If your body doesn’t have enough of either it won’t be able to produce the maximum amount of energy.

In addition to this there are few drinks other then water that don’t have HFCS in them. As i recently noticed, even frozen fruit juice is totally loaded with the stuff.

So the long and short of it is, when you need to drink something nothing is as effective as water is.

For more detailed information on why you, as a tricker, martial artist, or someone looking to get in shape, should be drinking water and only water, go here.