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The first time I drew a crowed tricking…

March 27, 2009

Was awesome! Now mind, I’m still a total noob, but this made me realize how impressed most people are just if you can do a proper tornado kick, or a cartwheel with good form. I was at the Reach For The Future youth leadership training camp (I’m not 100% sure they called it a training camp, but I think that was it), Which, by the way, is freaking awesome (you have to be in the FNL volunteer group to go, which is in nearly every county, but only in california). In any case, I was practicing kicks and cartwheels on a patch of grass, when a guy comes up and asks me what I’m doing, so I explain what tricking is (always kind of annoying) and aks him if he’d like to learn a little. He said yes, and I started teaching him to do a cartwheel, soon enough there were a couple people watching us, then another guy showed up said “I bet I could do that”, and did. After a while, we had a crowed of 8 or so watching us from near by, and maybe 5 more watching us from windows in this hotel(really old fancy place, all the girls stayed there during the camp, the guys got lousy cabins. >.<) overlooking the patch of grass, and like 5 guys participating (including a cheerleader, and a dancer, the dancer had a great b-kick), although still, no one there could do anything more advanced then a front hand spring.

We probably ended up practicing for about 20 minutes to a half hour, it was a hell of a lot of fun,  the whole camp was, but that still stands out in my mind weeks later.

Anyway, the reason I didn’t write and updates when I said I would was that I promptly sprained my wrist after that, and now I haven’t done anything for a while.

And sorry for the lack of spell-checking and fixed grammar, but I just want to get an update written and out there!