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Types of MA’s and basic intel for the unlearned, (and maybe something for pros)

February 28, 2008

There are many types of MA’s as everybody knows, but I’ll try to write down some of the more common ones and map them out for you.

1st: There are the most common type of MA that people think of when they hear the words Martial Artist. The basic bruise-break-and-destroy type would have under it’s banner the likes of Karate, Taekwondo, a few kinds of Kung Fu, and maybe, just maybe Judo. This type has usally one or two things in common. They all involve using a mix of foward and backward enegy. Meaning, they practice using your hands and feet to destroy the enemy, but also involve using the energy of the opponent, but this is more like the second type of MA. All MA have these two in common, but not all concentrate on them with the same fervor.

2nd: MA’s like Aikido, Jujitsu, almost all kinds of Kung Fu, Judo, and believe it or not, even Kendo has some aspects of this. Using the opponent’s energy is usefull when you can’t overpower or defeat your enemy though the normal means, because he is much strong/bigger/heavier then you. You enable your self to seem to have the strength of a giant, flipping, throwing, and tossing people many, many pounds heavier then you, you also can use this to be a “Rat in a lion’s den” so to speak by getting around his attacks, and use this opening to create a much bigger finale.

There are many, many more things to write about, and I don’t think I did this post justice but, I’ll continue to try boosting it up every now and then. And, sorry if you were looking for a little more detail on a specific MA, I can post all that I know on a specific subject to anwser your comment or e-mail.