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Yakri does a small kicking tutorial

July 5, 2008



Epic fail at making Loopkicks dvd vlog review

May 25, 2008

So i tried to make a short video review of the loopkicks dvd, and i did ok, only one problem, not one of my three video editors can combine the multiple clips i used into one single clip.
Adobe After Effects: No sound, and keeps crashing.
Sony Vagas: Also no sound
Windows movie maker: can’t even read the file type.

And i can’t do it all in one recording and upload it without editing because my video camera doesn’t have a memory card yet, so it can record an awesome 1min 47sec of low quality video.

So I’m going to get it done after my video card gets here, which should be within the next week.


Loop kicks video

April 28, 2008

Well i was watching this

Loop kicks video today, and i started a typical train of thought “i wish i could be that good!” HOLD IT. exactly, i CAN, theres nothing stopping me is there? now i know what your thinking. (No i don’t actually) “Ha! those guys have been doing martial arts since they were like 9 years old or something! And they have been doing tricking for almost as long, its impossible.” Well if they have been training for so long, and your so far behind, then I GUESS YOU BETTER GET TRAINING THEN HUH?

Really though, not all the good trickers started training at 9 years old.

Name: Guillermo ”KJER”

Age: 24

Started Martial Arts: 15

Started Tricking: 19

this taken from

Alright, so i only have one example, but anyway, back on topic before i completely derail my own post.

I realized that I’m only 16, and I’ve never suffered any serious injury’s nor do i have any psychical ailments that could prevent me from tricking or weight lifting. There is no reason to believe that, with determination and hard training, and just a little luck, i can’t become just as good as them. In tricking, you yourself are your nemesis, eternally attempting to thwart your efforts to better yourself, and at the same, presenting and unreachable challenge. But it doesn’t matter that you can’t ever beat yourself for good, since all the fun is in trying.

My point is, for most of us trickers, we are the only thing holding ourselves back, there is nothing else stopping us.

Since i read somewhere its best to end with a quote, all through this out there.

“Do or do not… there is no try.” – some sock puppet.


Some stuff for you TKD and Kung Fu lovers.

March 11, 2008

Hey, I’m back. I was watching a lot of videos online, and I was wondering how the best way to show people various types of kicks and other stuff. I was originally gonna make a video myself and comment… But I am rather busy these days, so I’m going to show you some good examples and comment on it. I’ll be making lots and lots of videos for people once my days get a little less busy. So in like a month or so. Heres the first vid: . If you want listen to the story, it doesn’t really have any importance, but what the heck… The first thing I saw about the fighting was that, it was very similar to several other styles, of course, someone who didn’t know much about MA wouldn’t be able to tell. Their are elements of TKD, Kung Fu and other various things in their, watch it to look for the spinning kicks, in particular the spinning reverse and the jumping roundhouse. Which they use very well in this vid. But when sparring or fighting. Don’t try to be flashy, it’s just not good for it. keep it simple enough for you to be able to stay safe, and not give away an attack, but also enough to get some maneuverability. Heres another video on basic TKD stuff. Good for learning the little bits of a technique. Watch the placement on the back kick. And heres something nice I found, flashy kicks this time folks! A little treat for you, the smaller guy is really good, his placement and everything is really nice. This is all I can do, it’s getting late, I’m going to do a video of my own, maybe flashy stuff or basic, or maybe even forms… That’ a thought…