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Fighting/Sparring part 1

October 28, 2008

so I’ve been training for the nationals and I just thought I’d drop some sparring tips for those martial artists who’re looking to improve their skillz. (as a note: this is generally for kickers in tournament fights. For you peeps who like to punch, I’ll do a post on that soon)

So first, I’ll discuss your stance. The stance I use is your basic back-stance: feet apart facing forward with one foot behind the other. Your back should be straight and the hands up mid level, with one slightly raised to protect your head (fists can be open or closed depending on your preference). The hands are especially important! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten hit because I let my hands drop. So keep them UP!!

okay, next off: attacks. I’ll start by saying that variety is key. Sure, you can defeat an opponent with the basic kicks: round-house, front, side, and back kicks. But that’s no fun. So I suggest kicking off a fight with the basics, then pumpin’ it up with some spinning stuff, and head shots. Something I’ve noticed is that when people get tired, they have a tendency to use only one attack (it’s generally an ax-kick or roundhouse) throughout their entire match. I’ve seen this happen many times; it’s really pathetic to watch and easy to counter. DON’T DO IT!

Some people have asked me: “How do you get conditioned for a fight?”. Well, here are some ideas. Since you need to be throwing kicks almost continually for about 1 1/2 minutes(give/take), you’ll need endurance. Without it you are dead. Seriously, endurance is one of the key abillities a martial artist needs. You need it in sparring, for forms, and some other things but mainly the first two.

So anyways, here’s a couple of things you can do. Two minute drills (you’ll need someone to time you on this, or have an analog clock handy): It’s pretty basic, you take three exercizes (i use push-ups, sprints, and that kind of stuff) and do each for 10 (I do 20) seconds. You continue this for two minutes, every two min is a set. Do two or three sets. You can also increase the time to three minutes if you feel that my time is too short.

The other drill you can do requires a bag; your average puncing bag will do. You’ll also need a timer. So to start off, you have your timer set for thirty sec. , and proceed to throw any kick you want against the bag. You then increase the time to 40 or 45 sec. Then to 50, then one minute. After each round you’ll want to rest for an equal amount of time. After your last round you’ll probably be winded and/or sore so take a rest. This does several things for you 1) you can work on your kick cambinations, 2) it helps your wind 3) It’s a realy good workout.



Taekwondo fighting and training. Part 1. What’s good for you.

March 3, 2008

If you are a tall person, I can give you one kick that will define your Martial Arts succes, the Axe kick, Dun Dun Dun! It’s a fact, tall people in the 6’4+ range can expect this kick to work well universally for anyone shorter then you. Use this kick! I’m not joking, if you’re tall use it! One kick on the head “bonk” and there’s a point, if you’re doing point sparring, and if you’re fighting knock outs, just knock him out! Also for tall people, smaller shorter people will take advantage of the fact that you will come to them, they’re not gonna go to you unless their sure that they can get a point. So, They’re gonna wait till you’re coming at them and their gonna either close the distance to fast for you to get an attack in, OR, they’re gonna throw in a straight kick. Now then, some of you might wonder, “phiff, whats a straight kick from a small 5’3 guy that weighs 110 pounds gonna do to me?” The answer, A LOT. If they go all in will the kick without drawing back, YOU WILL BE KNOCKED OFF YOU’RE FEET! I have to fight a LOT of taller bigger and heavier people then me, and this is a good kick for the little guy, either front kick, side kick, but the best is back kick. Or jumping back kick. Please, please, bear in mind this is not the only way, and most experienced fighters will know this stuff by heart and WILL use it if you give them the chance. I’ll post a thing on shorter people and continue the taller person thing again, and again until I’ve covered everything.