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Frozen fruit juice

March 10, 2008

You know, think kind you buy frozen in little cans, and make into a large and tasty pitcher of fruit juice. I always put a far bit of cramberry juice in my protein shakes, but i never really though about checking the label. Recently i did however, and found out what the main ingredient was, what do you think? actual fruit juice? hell no, HFCS, number of ingredient. What the heck is up with that? it has more fake sugar which is very bad for you then it has actual juice in it. But it gets better, what do you think the second ingredient is? fruit juice? haha your funny dude, nope its water, then you have to add more water to the frozen juice mix, but the water doesn’t really have much value in the juice. The third ingredient is, at long last, juice concentrate. So this means that you are basically drinking juice flavored sugar water, have you ever tasted sugar water? not very tasty.

So if you like putting some juice in your protein shakes or other things, or just like it a great deal on its own, check the labels, the strangest things have the strangest ingredients in them. Better yet, don’t drink fruit juice, drink water, as an aspiring tricker you will need about a gallon a day. (its hard to drink so much water in a day, ya know?)