What do teenagers think about processed food?

October 9, 2008

Someone asked what Teenagers thought about processed food, and this was my response.

I mostly dislike processed food, mainly because the extreme quantity of it makes it difficult to eat healthy.

I try to eat unprocessed food whenever I can, and have a healthy diet, because I am training for my favorite sport, tricking.

I think other teens at least need to know more about what is bad for you, and what isn’t. Thanks to the internet, the dark age of food awareness is ending, but it isn’t over yet.

I even started a blog with the goal of helping other people out as far as knowledge goes, in general areas of health and fitness, such as some professedly good foods which really aren’t. And how to get in shape stay in shape, and be healthy.

I really really like living healthy and being in good shape, mainly because I have experienced the other side of things, and I’d like to help other people who have decided they aren’t happy with the way they are living to learn to live healthy.

Also, I think the level of obesity in the USA the terrible, and that if awareness about foods and what kind of diets and exercise programs are actually helpful to you was raised, it would help reduce it.



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