Building Slow Twitch Muscle

April 1, 2008

Alright, this is really irrelevant, but Tricking haze is getting a fair number of hits searching for info about slow twitch muscle.

Slow Twitch muscle is very efficient, it fatigues much more slowly then Fast Twitch muscle. However, as its name suggests, it cannot contract as quickly as Fast Twitch muscle can. As such, Slow Twitch muscle is ideal for swimming long distances or running marathons. And Fast Twitch muscle is ideal for things such as sprinting or tricking.

To build Slow Twitch muscle you simply do a relatively easy exercise a large number of times. Like running a long distance, treading water for a long time, or lifting a light weight with a large number of repetitions. For example, if you can bench press 140lbs 5 times, then bench pressing 50lbs 30 times would be an endurance workout, and thus, build slow twitch muscle.

‘Slow Twitch’ muscle is basically your endurance, it can’t contract as quickly as fast twitch (obviously) but it takes much longer for it too fatigue. So, if you want to build your endurance, then you want to strengthen your slow twitch muscle. Endurance(slow twitch muscle) training in terms of weight lifting and body weight exercises such as push ups, means doing a large number of repetitions per set, over 13 at least. So if you want to increase your endurance by doing push ups then a goods way to do it would be to do 3 sets of 15 push ups.

One last thing to remember, If your out of shape when you start, endurance training may make you stronger, but if your fairly fit to begin with it may decrease your strength.




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