A new pair of legs.

March 23, 2008

Well, I went to the beach today, it’s been pouring rain up here in not-so-sunny northern California. But I went to the beach anyway. On an impulse I just threw back the hood on my coat and started running. The feeling was amazing, I haven’t run like that, as hard as I could, for a long time. Last time I did, I sure as hell wasn’t in as good shape as I am now. But while running as I am now, it felt really different, like i had an entirely new set of legs, rather than slightly improved ones.

I think what tricking, parkour, and generally training my body are about, for me, is freedom. I really like to be able to just run, just like i love to be able to ‘just’ do a cartwheel, anywhere, anytime. Freedom of movement is a beautiful thing.

Ps. I haven’t posted in a long time, this is because I was horribly ill with the flu, now that I am over it I’ll be posting much more often, although I’m busy studying for the SAT.




  1. I miss running hard too … i know exactly what your talking about … i’ve been limited because of injury and can’t wait till i’m fit again to just go all out

  2. Sounds nice, I want to know that feeling… I need to start working out.

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