Taekwondo fighting and training. Part 2. Tall people.

March 6, 2008

Tall people…  well there are a lot of things for everyone, but I wanted to start with this ’cause I know a lot from experience from fighting tall people.  As I said before. Axe kick is very usefull for tall people.  Also usefull is reverse roundhouse and 360 reverve roundhouse.  I’ll try keeping this post from reaching 5,000 word by keeping it neat and tidy this time (hopefully).  When fighting people that are just as tall as you remember that, you can very much fight the same way shorter people fight.  Keep your distance until your ready to attack.  Don’t just stand there and take the hits and then return them.  Bounce around, be light, and stay outside your opponent “danger zone” until your ready to attack.  using fast kicks followed up by a reverse or an axe kick is a good way to start a attack, with the first attack to set up for the second.  For training… it’s almost the same as everyone else, but concentrate om flexibility and range a lot.  If there is some reason you can’t kick  as high as some of the shorter people or you can’t jump as high, it doesn’t matter how taller or how short you are, cause I’ve seen tall and short people capable of jumping and kicking insanely high.



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