Do not Condition and trick on the same day.

March 5, 2008

Conditioning and tricking on the same day is a really bad idea, because your already tired from conditioning you have a much higher chance of injury, as if that isn’t bad enough, as you know you shouldn’t over work your muscles, because, when you exercise muscle is broken down and then heals stronger then before right? but if you break it down too much it won’t be able to heal up again quickly enough. This causes you to build up fatigue and makes your muscles lose strength rather then gain it.

Throwing one or two tricks after warming up properly on a day when you have conditioned won’t kill you, but it isn’t a good idea, and a good thirty minute tricking session on the same day you work out is a really bad idea.

While I’m on this topic, You should keep your tricking sessions short, but more frequent, if you are say, tricking only once a month, but for two hours at a time, this is a really bad idea. You should keep short sessions, and if things aren’t going well or you start to get tired you should take a break.

The way muscle memory works (if you don’t know what muscle memory is, its what lets you do all those things you have practiced or done many times almost without thinking, Look here for more info) if you do something right it is written down in muscle memory, so that you can do that action again, but next time a little better, but if you do it wrong, that gets written down too, so you get better at doing it wrong, not good.

So, what do you do? train for short amounts of time more often, if you train for a long time all at once you will get tired and start making mistakes which will be burned into your muscle memory right along with the times you did it right. This will slow down your progress a lot, and if you train excessively while tired your bound to get an injury, broken bones, strained muscles, and sprains are no fun, and don’t help you progress any farther in tricking!



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